Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Mistletoe and Wine

Happy December everyone, the snow has been falling and Christmas is almost upon us. Everyone is starting to get excited and looking forward to seeing their friends and family. Time to buy presents and look forward to gifts. Time for goodwill and peace. For decorations and food, for comfort and warmth.

That’s the point of Christmas isn’t it? To have a good time, to please ourselves and others. That is just one of the things that Christmas has become. Whilst giving and receiving gifts are not bad things Christmas today has to many people become simple that; a celebration of celebration itself rather than of the coming of the promised messiah; Jesus.

In the coming month it is worth reminding ourselves of why we are celebrating at this time of year. It is not because it is cold and dark, it is not because we have to celebrate or lose hope. We celebrate Christmas because we have a sure and certain hope. A new life with God, due to the sacrificial death of the man Jesus upon a cross 2000 years ago to pay the penalty that we deserve, to set us (previously captives) free and proclaim the Lord’s favour.

Remember this Christmas that we celebrate Christ. He should be the centre of our festivities not simply an after thought, just something that is done. Enjoy the fact that the whole country is celebrating with you and pray that those who don’t know it hear of the true reason why the country so fervently celebrates.

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