Saturday, 14 January 2012

Silence: A poem

A while ago now, I was with a group of friends when one of them complained about the silence. This started a train of though and the first stanza of this poem. It is about the fast pace of present day life - not really leaving anytime for contemplation and reflection.


What is this silence we sit in,
To hear that dreaded drop of pin.
Oh for murmuring music,
And that ever present life filled din.

Oh for noise to drown that voice,
That voice, accusing from within.

In this mad and rushing world
Where silence is so rare.
To be entombed therein,
That doesn’t seem so fair.

To hear that ever droning note,
The voice within declare:

“Halt and stop and stand and stay,
Listen long and hard this day.”
Now; unwanted prompting,
Calling, wouldst thou go away!

Wouldst thou voice, fall silent!
Reluctant, let I have its say.

I hear that long forgotten voice,
That fought so hard to win.
That voice who tells me right from wrong
And how to live therein.

Give thanks for quiet, to hear that voice,
That voice accusing from within.

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